Data Entry Service for Bills of Lading


Since 1998, we have been offering customized outsourcing solutions for data entry, data indexing and database maintenance. Having owned and managed trucking companies, we know how important accuracy, speed and quick turnaround are when it comes to entering data from bills of lading. And with 10 years of broad experience in data entry, we know exactly how to accomplish this goal.

The way our service works is simple. You scan and upload bills of lading to us as they come into your facility; we enter all data into an on-line system almost instantaneously to keep up with your volumes. You pay us a fixed price per bill.

Our multiple T-1 lines and large bandwidth allow fast data entry and data transfer. And you can actually see our billers working live on your bills whenever you like on your PC, or speak with our billing managers simply by dialing a local telephone number.

We enter all required data including:
Bill of Lading #
Delivery Appointment
Bill To
Prior to joining our production group, our billers receive extensive training to ensure that they fully understand the meaning and value of every single item on a bill of lading. Net result: highest accuracy of data entered with special emphasis on consignee, pieces and weight, the three most critical fields with largest impact on your shipping operation.

We understand the importance of quickest possible turnaround time to allow your drivers to be on their way without any delays. We, therefore, have developed a large team of trained billers, who work round the clock to respond immediately during your operating hours. We are fully aware of fluctuating daily volumes of bills and associated challenge of managing the billing function efficiently. We have, therefore, cross-trained our staff to provide as many billers as you need when you need them so that your work gets done on time every day. You can now afford the luxury of having flexible capacity without paying extra for it. Our fixed price per bill is the same regardless of the peaks and valleys in your bill volumes. And finally, we understand the need to produce cost savings for you. Give us a call and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much savings you can realize.

Headquartered in Nevada, we also have offices in California, Colorado and New York. We are always open during your business hours. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in all areas.

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