Welcome to Transportation Enterprise Data (TED)

In today's global market, every business must use all of its resources wisely to remain competitive. This requires, among other things, that you focus on your core activities and seriously consider outsourcing those tasks that are non-core yet critical to your success.

In a highly competitive freight trucking business, we give you an edge by putting global resources at your command to:

Reduce cost significantly
Minimize truck downtime
Maximize operating efficiency
Since 1998, we have been performing “back-office” tasks for our clients and freeing their time up for core business activities, critical to their success. Let us enter your bills of lading into your on-line system for easy access, and take data entry work off your hands. You can concentrate on high-value tasks such as servicing existing clients, acquiring new clients and focusing on business growth and profits.

We bring broad trucking industry experience, local presence, global resources and exceptional value to your doorstep with complete confidence.

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